About us


Thousand year Fitzroya

We’re a Permaculture Centre settled in Primer Corral, comuna of Cochamó, Los Lagos region, Chile. Raíces del Viento is a multifunctional centre and a bedrock for the delivery of goods & services related to agriculture, education, tourism and health; involving communities, sustainability and territory.


Our mission is to work with individuals and communities to expand the knowledge and practice of integrated ecologic agriculture, sustainable development, natural medicine, natural building, education, tourism and spirituality under the concept of permaculture.

Our vision is to be part of a cultural transformation while providing solutions for permanent abundance by training and empowering local and international people to become agents of change in their own communities and countries.

It is, indeed, part of our mission to promote the decentralization and the grass root expansion of permaculture in Chile and the world.


Develop an active and inspiring model of a self sustainable permaculture system, innovative and sustainable, closely related to the communities and local economies

Offer you a practical learning site of Sustainable Agriculture, Sustainable Development, Well-Being and Permaculture.

Create a holistic and interdiciplinary learning network for students and volunteers around the globe.

Generate strategic networks between the project, the community and institutions to promote local development associated with sustainable management.

We welcome all the enthusiastic Travelers, Students, Researchers and Farmers to be part of the change this world needs.

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