Permaculture is a holistic concept that it’s usually represented by a flower and its petals. Each petal involves disciplines that in RDV, little by little we are transforming them into services for our students. By doing this we’ve developed 4 services that embrace and combine each one of those petals.

Permacultourism. Sustainable tourism is the new economy in the valley we live in. Leave no trace the slogan we use to keep this pristine valley as it is, however in Raíces del Viento we want you to leave footprints no traces and that’s why we’ve developed this new concept. A trip that goes through lakes, rivers, glaciers and mountains while observing the breathtaking landscapes, understanding the natural designs that natures hides and analyzing the patterns that nature have all this while having introductory classes of permaculture. A once in a lifetime trip under the unique sky that the south of Chile offers us and the culture behind its inhabitants.
Volunteering and sharing with local people it’s also part of the program we’ve developed for you. A combinations of nature, culture and permaculture leaving footprints and sustainable systems in every home and farm we visit!

Natural Medicine. Wellbeing is essential to us as the great Hippocrates once said: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” At RDV we’re concern about our alimentation and our well-being so we practice all kind of things; essential oil extraction, super food production, massages, acupuncture, meditation and so many other things!

Natural Building. The necessity of a home, a kitchen, a toilet…all those buildings and structures that we once dreamt and thought ho.would it be possible to make it real. Now they come true through the practice and the efficient use of the natural resources that the Earth give us. We want to be an example of self-realization but more important: we want to offer and share different building techniques so we can all fulfill the dream of building our Home.

Permaculture. The Permaculture design, its principles, ethics and meaning is what is giving life to this place. We want to offer a good quality education by teaching organic agriculture, showing new and sustainable technologies, sharing the local knowledge and design. With this theoretical and practical education and a global environment with cultural exchange we want to teach and keep on learning the necessary tools for the transition this world needs.

Projects and Research. The integration of various areas of permaculture can be channeled through that generate together with the community for de benefit of all. Thus, the fait distribution, feedback, care of the land and people – among others – may be an active part of the work of Roots through partnerships with various stakeholders (professionals, organizations, local community, institutions) to promote knowledge, development and conservation of the basin and its people.


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