Natural Building

This summer 2017 we’ll be offering the following course of Natural Building:

1. Natural Building Course NBC 2017 (1-7 February)

This course is focusing on the construction of the Learning Center: a learning space for ecological education, communal encounter, intercultural exchange and a design that uses what the earth is giving to us to stablish an efficient infrastructure, sustainable and harmonic with the landscape.

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What is the Natural Building?

Natural building is a construction method used by our ancestors, since humans live on Earth. The necessity for a roof and protection whether for wild animals or weather conditions, encourage the people of those days to experience and get to know the different building techniques that today we know. Nowadays, living on our globalized and technological world, the natural building techniques and concept has been disappearing reaching times in which we don’t really use them anymore. Cities are built from cement and steel, leaving behind the straw, clay, stones and multiples techniques from all over the world.

Natural Building uses the materials that our Earth has given to us and uses it with a purpose: a sustainable human settlement. An ecological solution for the way we live today. The methods that Natural Building uses present a thoughtful insight for the design of the construction: Heat storage, ventilation, sun position and angles, passive heating solar system and illumination. On the other hand, gives an organic image due to its capacity to form part of the landscape.

This year we must build…
Toilets, wooden fences, outdoor kitchen, campsites, communal area, greenhouse, garden, natural swimming pools, swales, terraces and a shelter. All this depending on the time and speed we do it.

Here some pictures of our ideas:

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