Imagine to travel around a valley through its rivers, lakes and mountains joined by people from all over the world united by the same ideals.
Imagine to sleep under the stars surrounded by nature and to have the chance the recognize and learn about the constellations and Cosmo visions of the South American continent
Imagen to have the opportunity not just to share but to work with the local people helping them on their daily tasks and necessities.
Imagine how it would be to travel under a different perspective, from the eyes of Permaculture.

Raíces del Viento was founded by travelers and as travelers, we’ve developed a service committed to those who seek an enriching experience not just with nature but also with the people.

Permacultourism mix permaculture, people and nature; social work with adventure and it submerge us inside the world of the local people and the world of the travelers, those who seek leave important footprints through their personalities and the work of their very own hands
Join to this unique experience and work with us for a cleaner and more sustainable Chile. During our trip we’ll observe the patterns of nature, we’ll learn about the ethics and principles of permaculture through the landscape and we’ll use its design to help those who need and want ours.
We’ll put permaculture design into practice throughout the utilizations of design, constructions and the appliance of sustainable systems so with time this valley will transform and became a cleaner, more sustainable and an example of how permaculture and tourism can work together and make an impact in a determinate area.



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