Projects and Research


The multidisciplinary nature of the center, the territory in which it’s involved, the rising necessities of the valley and our current times have created a solid base to our organization to include an active axis to the development of projects and research.

Areas like health, education, local economies, conservation, agriculture, climate change, tourism and its rising numbers, the different cultures present in the valley, its anthropology, and the so relevant social and environmental conflicts are just a few fields that we want to develop deeply by establishing associations and groups of work between the community of the valley and the many professional, organizations and free lancers.

Raíces del Viento its just beginning, during 2016 we’ll be building up the foundations of the center, however we are already starting some projects inside and outside the center. Projects like the establishment of a kitchen garden, mushroom cultivation, bee keeping, solar kitchen/oven and energy independence among other ideas; on the side of “outside projects” we’re developing a program for permacultourism and the participation and application of public funds. We’re also trying to develop a documentary of the whole process for future media.

Soon we’ll be informing you with greater detail about the projects we’re working on, nevertheless we invite you from now on to get involve, participate, collaborate and generate with us.

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