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We welcome students and travellers willing to learn about organic agriculture, Permaculture and chilean lifestyle by participating in our volunteer and learning program.

During your stay you will be living on our farm, where we will work, learn, cook and eat together. It is a great opportunity for you to learn about Chilean/Patagonian culture, lifestyle and ecology through immersion.

We have camping and very basic facilities. We ask a contribution of CLP $5000/ USD 8 per person per day for the farm stay and learning program, this cost includes all food, site and learning facilitation. There’s a compulsory 25hours work per week and a minimum stay of 10 days. After being 15 days working with us, we’ll do an evaluation of your perfomance and if you are still motivated to carry on with us, you can stay for free.

On the other hand we have the program for visits, in which you can be 5 days visiting the place to know what we are doing.

This is our first year so we cannot fulfill special diets nor run free of cost as we do not have any income yet. In the farm there’re fishetarians and it’s difficult for gluten intolerants as wheat and fish are our staple foods. However, you can allways ask for an opportunity!

For more details of this program, we ask you to check our section  “What’s this about”, where we will explain both programs that we have available, it is also important that you check our staying and volunteering bases. They are available in a document that can be downloaded from the same section .

There’re limited vacants for volunteers. That’s why we ask you to apply for the position in this application form to be part of this great project!

Spring arrived and we are open to recieve you!
Do not hesitate and apply now!

Raíces del Viento is a learning centre and farm free of alcohol and drugs.





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