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We’re currently in the first stage of the project and we’ve opened a program for volunteers for natural building and learning permaculture design. This situation won’t stop us for receiving visitors or any person with some interest in what we’re doing. It’s because of this that we’ve opened a program for visitors.

The program consists of self guided tours of a 5 day visit – 4 night -. Once here you’ll be free to go around the more than 6 hectares of the farm and its surroundings, observe its structures, design and  on  going projects. At the same time you will witness the current work that is developing here at Raíces del Viento with the volunteers and the whole team. Maybe is not much now, but they are our foundations!

Visitors will need to bring camping wear, and basic equipment. For more details please click here.
There’s a cost of USD15 per person per day that includes tent site and 3 dayly meals + coffe, mate and snacks.

To be part of the program visitors there’s no need to apply, however you need to send us the following information previously (per person ) to contactoraicesldelviento@gmail.com mail:

  • Full name
  • ID number
  • Contact phone
  • Arrival day


In your work as volunteer you will have the unique experience of being able to observe and be involved in the practical development of RDV farm&centre (a 6 hectares property).

The property’s various earthworks, its diversity of plant species, its mix of domestic and native wild animals, all makes it for a stimulating and enjoyable experience for those who relish life in a beautiful and interesting surroundings.

In this second stage (end of 2016) we’re focusing mainly in natural building, organic agriculture and the permaculture design due to the necesity of raise up the centre.

In the application form you should select one of the following dates to start your volunteer carreer:

  • Between 01 November and 20th of December
  • Between 01 March and rest of the year 2017.

As you can see, this January and February we won’t have open possitions due to the courses and the constant input the center needs.

If you have skills related to carpentry, building or cooking; please contact us. We could open a possition for you during January and February as long as you can support us in one of those areas.

Any  questions please do not hesitate and contact us at: contactoraicesdelviento@gmail.com

So, if you want to be part of the volunteers program 2016-2017 you can check & download the basis and politics in detail  and fill the following form.

We thank you for getting close to this project and we look forward for answering you any questions!

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